Tuesday, September 4, 2012

baby blake

wow. having a baby at home is awesome. i mean really really awesome.

we are so completely in love with our little guy and seriously can't get enough of him. poor kid gets smothered in kisses and hugs.

it is finally starting to set in that this is our baby. we are going to raise him. he will know we are his parents. i have literally cried tears of joy over this, as i feel so fortunate to get to do this. the other day i had him snuggled on my chest and kept thinking- this is what i was made for. i was made to be a mommy. i love this new role more than anything. when my doctor asks about baby blues- i only say i am crying tears of joy. i actually feel a blissful high from my sweet baby.

i know it isn't a new role, but it is. i think having him has shown me how incredibly fast our time passed with sophia and how it really didn't feel real before it was all ready over. the snuggles and kisses were cut short. we got to look at all her details but not long enough. by the time it set in that she was our baby, she was gone and i cried hard missing my baby. my arms ached for more time.

i keep thinking of this song that says- "There is hope in your name, mourning turns to songs of praise". that is where i feel we are. we can praise God for not only this little boy but for the big sister we get to tell him all about.

i will say that it all was so much was easier this time. the birth/labor was quick. my recovery has been better. my body seems to have bounced back quicker and i feel over all good. i don't know if it is because the labor was quicker or if the fact that i now have a baby to keep my attention. even just being able to breast feed has helped- as it felt like i had a big ole belly last time alot longer. i just cannot stress how much better this birth was- as i was so anxious about it being long and painful. it was awesome- so much so that afterward i told aj i want to have a million more babies. ha! not really- but i see how people can have multiple kids now. i was starting to doubt i could keep doing this if it was as rough as it was (physically) as it was last time.

anyway- our joy is ridiculous. as is our family's. we are all so in love with him and feeling so blessed.  thank you for all your prayers and love. below is a link to some pics of the little guy and our new little family.


full of joy- the dinkel family!