Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is AJ's favorite time of the year! Everytime I walk in the house he has Christmas music playing and he of course- know's the words to every single song. I don't understand it, but just enjoy listening to his singing ;o)
We have all our Christmas presents bought and mailed- which by the way is not the recommended thing to EVER have to do- post offices are crazy right now (besides the fact it cost a small fortune to mail them). We should consider that when weighing the costs of not flying home for next year. Plus with such cute neices and nephews... it is no fun not being able to see them open them... that's why they all got clothes this year! Then we don't feel like we are missing them get excited about our gifts as clothes aren't that much fun.... but parents like them (well not having to buy as much- i hope!)
As for us- we are doing great! AJ is currently finishing his rotation on night shift by the end of the month (hopefully). He hasn't had too many calls, which has been a little diappointing on his part- but being 911 we are hoping it starts to pick up. He is loving his job at REI, he comes home with free stuff and loves his discounts- tho I haven't let him spend nearly as much as he wants to. We are saving up for a big year of weddings this coming year... lots of flying!
As for me- my job is going well, I have found I really have a passion for Neurology and my hours got moved to 8-4:30pm... which is wonderful. I actually have time to work out AND make dinner/spend time with AJ.
Well, we wish you all a very wonderful CHRISTmas- full of love and laughter as well as a happy new year! We get to see AJ's sister Samantha and his best friend/best man at the wedding- the one you will never forget ;o) Kyle, for New Year's. We both are so excited- as we have missed both of them alot!
love- T and AJ