Sunday, November 10, 2013

barfing boy

hey everyone.

i apologize for no blogging for awhile. i honestly have been trying to figure out what to do with this blog. it was used to keep everyone updated on sophia, and then help process grief.

now i am in that weird spot where i don't want to always talk about grief or our lives since sophia. i know when i was reading other families stories online after her death it was very healing… but i hated wading through all the new stuff to get to all the hard stuff and see how they got through it. how they handled it. i guess you kind of compare your grief and measure how good you are doing. oddly enough. so i know people get on here and just jump straight back to that spot in my life. which is fine. but part of me is just thinking about a new blog that just moves forward.

anyway- in the meantime i will ask for prayers. Blake has been vomiting a lot. like for 2-3 months now he throws up at least once a day- sometimes more.  The last 2 weeks have been odd, because 2 of the times he has had a fever, but in between those he went 5 days vomit free. today though- he vomited 3 times…. in-between those he decided to jump off his chair and whack his head on our brick around the fire place which ended in a trip to urgent care to get glued back together. not a good day.

we are exhausted. beyond exhausted. so tired from not only cleaning up vomit, vomit and more vomit… but from worry. is he getting enough food absorbed, is he getting enough fluid in between, what is causing this? could it be this or this? we have to keep taking him from daycare since he keeps vomiting there...

he has seen a GI doctor, had an upper GI, tried multiple reflux medications. all with no answers yet. he gets an endoscopy in a few weeks and then hopefully an allergist (for food allergy testing) at the beginning of the year. but until then we just wait. and keep trying to keep as much food in the body as possible. hope that he keeps some of it down. anything. we jump from trying to always feed him healthy this or that to just getting him to keep bland things down like bread and crackers.

please keep us in your thoughts. pray for healing. pray for answers. pray for us- patience and energy for the continued cleaning.

thanks, thanks and more thanks.

the dinkels