Sunday, May 12, 2013


i love love love being a mommy. i am so blessed. i know this. for real.

this is my first mother's day celebrating with a baby in my arms, considering this is my 3rd mother's day, that is pretty crazy. and my boy must have known i was thinking about this and wanting to hug him a little extra, because this morning he just wasn't ready to be awake and after i fed him he just laid on my chest and cuddled. which for this busy baby is very odd- he is busy busy busy. i enjoyed every moment of it, even though i should have been packing.

the last 2 years my arms have yearned to hold my child. the first one was my first after sophia was born- i was sad, i cried and looked at pictures. i flew home to spend time with my mom since aj had to work. i spent the day on the porch reading. then last year i was pregnant with blake. and was excited and anxious to meet and hold him.

it is weird celebrating mother's day when you don't look like a mommy- you don't have a kid hanging off you, or when you aren't that pregnant looking. or say you have lost a baby, via miscarriage or however. or maybe you have 1 kid (or how many ever) and have lost one and know that you should be that mom of 4 instead of 3. just thinking of those people today. because those moms are brave and strong and amazing.

my friend said it best- happy mother's day to all those people who have loved a child. it really does encompass all those children we aren't holding or never got to meet. it makes you a different kind of mother- you love harder and more fiercely those children you do get to hold. so hold tight to that my dear friends that have lost those sweet babies or those people who are aching to be a mommy and that baby hasn't made it to you yet. you are the best there is.

thinking all my mommy friends out there.

fun lil vacation pic of the boy and i.