Saturday, March 16, 2013

march madness

well life is busy. i am not as good a blogger as i used to be. guess that is a good thing- playing with my cute baby is more important. speaking of... here he is. i adore him.

he is currently sick with an ear infection which equals a long nap and some mommy free time.

life is good... we are both working a lot. traveling for family events. 

i have though of sophia almost daily recently. blake loves older kids. i mean if he sees one on tv he is smiling at them. i just can't help but think he is a kid that should have an older sibling. he would LOVE it. heck- we all would.  but it just makes me think how entertained he would be if his big sister was here to make funny faces at him and steal his toys and all that good older sibling stuff. although he would be taller than her all ready, which makes me giggle at how cute she would be.

anyway- boring posts are good posts. we need some boring life stuff for awhile. time to just enjoy each other.

speaking of... the lil monster is awaking. till next time....