Monday, June 11, 2012

30 weeks

my pregnancy so far in pics..... 12 weeks.

16 weeks

20 weeks

24 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks... which is now.

it's funny because I really didn't have a bump, then it explodes. i love my bump. i love watching my bump move and kick. what i don't love is the pain i have due to my growing bump. i just don't have the endurance that i did with Sophia. i can't work out, i can't walk very far without having some pretty intense pelvic pain. my uterus just didn't have enough time to recover and got pretty stretched out last time, so it just isn't holding up like it should. i guess i don't have too much further to go, so i can make it. today i went to the pool for the first time, which was magical- i could stretch and move my body like it doesn't weigh a ton. so i am a fan. i may be doing that even after days of work to stretch out and move around.

i have had some baby showers- which have been amazing. i am so overwhelmed with the love and gifts for our sweet lil baby. going to my closet of baby stuff is my happy place. i love looking through it all and playing with it. the hard part is that we are working on hopefully buying a house, as our lease is up at the end of July- yep! 2 weeks before my due date. so we are trying to figure out what our next step is. until then- all the baby stuff has to stay packed up. which is a bummer... since all i want to do right now is set it all up and get ready for our guy! so instead i have washed the baby clothes and organized them. which is making due for now. 

look at the awesome shirt i scored for the little man... can't wait for him to wear it.

here is the most recent pic- and last one from our ultrasound last week. the little guy's profile. he is in the 60th percentile- so growing just fine and doing great! they think he is about 3 lbs now, and going to be a healthy regular sized little guy. it's weird to think that the baby is all ready as long as Sophia was. i'm fairly sure when they hand me a big long baby i'm not going to know what to do with it. it's going to seem weird. the next time i see his cute little face will be when he is born. weird.

the only other thing i have going on... is that I am still struggling to believe I will bring home a baby. it's hard to picture what life will look like and how it will finally change. as i have friends giving birth and getting to take home babies, I am trying to picture ours. all i can see is the birth and then i can't imagine a baby that needs my care and attention. all this i know is normal, but it's still something i am trying to prepare myself for. hopefully i can set up a nursery soon which will help me picture things and prepare myself.

other than that life is moving forward. i had other things to tell... but i can't remember what. ill blame it on the baby brain. ha. maybe later!

mama t.