Wednesday, May 2, 2012


yep that pretty much sums up my state of mind.

i have a baby shower this coming weekend and i couldn't be any more excited.

this week's sermon at church was all about gratitude. gratitude is being thankful- but not only are you grateful, but you are realizing you have been given something that you do not deserve.

all i could think about was how incredibly grateful i am to be having a baby shower. i don't deserve to be so loved and taken care of in this way. i don't deserve it. but oh how my heart has longed for it. most people want to get rid of the baby junk filling up their house. i honestly can't get enough of it. hence why our stroller is in our living room. i hate clutter but having baby stuff sitting around my house fills my heart with joy. i would gladly step over a million baby things than not. it reminds me that life is changing and moving forward- and in that life is a baby that we get to bring home and take care of.

i know that before Sophia i would have enjoyed baby showers but not to the full amount... it's awkward ooohing and awwing over stuff for your nipples or products to put on a baby's butt. but i have a fully different view on all of it now. i feel so honored that i will have a little booty to put that stuff on. i love picturing that cute little booty and it makes me cry just the idea of having a shower. i feel so blessed that i get to share this little life growing inside of me with others... and that he is all ready so loved and cared for. i can't tell you how honored i am that people are willing to spend their time coming to spend time at a celebration.

i'm so over-whelmed with joy. the funny thing is that one would expect me to be sad we didn't get to have a shower for Sophia... but i really don't. i feel like thanks to all of our family and friends (including you all) she was celebrated beyond belief. no we didn't get showered in baby stuff- but we were showered in love, prayers and other kinds of thoughtful gifts. which was exactly what we needed. and my gratitude for that goes beyond my ability to say it in words. her life was celebrated and she was loved.

if you ask any parent every child and pregnancy is different. well that rings true for me. my children are thought of and celebrated in very different ways. i'm thankful for my daughter and the lessons she taught me about gratitude. she helped me love her brother and be more thankful for him than i would have been otherwise. someday we will all have to thank her for all she has done for us. but first i will maul her in kisses and hugs. dibs.

-one grateful momma.

(excuse my poor photo quality from my phone)