Friday, July 24, 2015

quick update

Gosh i haven't updated this in awhile! but boy oh boy have we been busy.

this sweet girl- Olivia Jane Dinkel joined our lives 12/3/14

the joy in our hearts to finally hold our sweet girl is immesurable.

from this………………… this in 7 short months.

Blake- almost 3, Olivia- almost 8 months

time has flown. Sophia's birthday came and went. we ALL went and celebrated it. now anytime we go to the mountains- Blake thinks we get cupcakes.

speaking of- that little guy is up already from his nap. so i must be done.

life continues to speed by. we are trying to enjoy the little moments and enjoy the fact we get to love 3 sweet kids. We can't wait to continue to tell these 2 about the one that came before them and changed our hearts for the better. 

we are so blessed.