Saturday, March 10, 2012

its a....

That my friends is our healthy little BOY! 
(sorry my pics aren't very good- they were taken with my cell)

and those are the long.... normal sized legs. i love what Dr A wrote on the pic! 
we couldn't get over how big he looks compared to Sophia's. you really can tell the difference.

those are the two cute little feet that have started kicking me this week (well they have been kicking for awhile but I have just started feeling it). i absolutely love that part about pregnancy- where you can feel them moving and kicking. I am just feeling light little movement now- but it is definitely baby and i love it. it did make me a little sad as it reminds me of when Sophia used to kick me- she was a sassy little thing that even with her little limbs- always let me know she was there. i'll be interested to see how  it is different with a bigger baby.

like father like son....

his first outfit from his daddy.

i'll be honest- I have been a little (though my husband would say a lot) crazy/anxious in the past few weeks. i still wasn't showing a baby bump at all (so every night i was making him feel my stomach to feel for a baby). i was starting to freak out that something was wrong and that is why i wasn't growing in the middle. even though last time i was pregnant, i didn't show until 20 weeks or so. my problem is not knowing what is normal for me and what was due to having a smaller baby. Dr A's vote is that I just have a lot of space for a baby and that is why and since it took me so much longer to show compared to my friends, i guess now i believe her.  because look what came out this week.... a tiny little baby bump. i finally feel pregnant now (at 17 weeks).

now that i am finally able to feel and look pregnant, i finally feel like i am able to move forward with the pregnancy. my therapist kept pushing me to register and plan a nursery.... but i'll be honest, it is really hard to imaging actually having a baby to bring home. that this will really happen. that our lives will change this time in the way most new parents do- chaos and learning how to parent. but i think this week that has changed (she will be so proud of me) now that i feel pregnant and am starting to acknowledge i may actually end up with a baby at the end of this. i may actually get to hear my little boy's cry's and take him home to love on him a ridiculous amount. i get to see my husband be a daddy to our child for longer than a few hours. my hope is restored. i feel like i can believe again.

so this week- i seriously worked on the registries and thought about a nursery. i bought tickets to go home for baby showers. i met with work to figure out what my job will look like after the baby. we are starting to make plans for a new kind of budget and where we will live. we have talked about names for him... endlessly not agreeing yet.

next month we get another ultrasound- to check the heart since we couldn't see every part this week (it was still a little small at 16 weeks to see it well). oh darn! i get to see him again! we get to be relieved again that all is well (hopefully).

thank you for your prayers and continued thoughts. please continue to pray for his health and mine. i have been having a lot of heart palpitations this whole pregnancy. i finally mentioned it to them and am going to see a cardiologist this week. i had them once before about 3 years ago, but with the tiny work up we did, it didn't show anything but that i was having them and the dr said not to be worried. so we will see. i feel better actually getting checked out.

-baby boy dinkel's mommy.