Wednesday, April 4, 2012

20 weeks- half way there

well we are half way there. what a blessing.

my goofy hubby below helped us score a great deal on a BOB stroller. Gotta love REI garage sales!

me at 20 weeks

a little comparison of our sweet babies:

                                                                       little man's foot                                                                     

      Sophia's foot

isn't it interesting you can all ready see that his is long and skinny like most newborn's feet are, and how her adorable foot was short and chubby- much like her :o)

little man's profile

Sophia's profile. 

note the differences in the chest size and face!

today i bought more kits to make these footprint ornaments for the little man- so he can be just like his big sister! 

sometimes when i see pictures of us- i feel sad that we won't be able to take a picture that includes our whole family. i know this is a life long issue that families deal with when you lose someone. you never feel like your picture includes everyone.  i wish that when he gets here i would have my arms full with my sweet children... instead i guess i get to hug him even better with just him to love on. poor kid is going to be smothered- if not by us then by our families.

what a great month and coming months- i was studying to get my certification as a neuroscience nurse- and i PASSED!! woo hoo. this month i get to do a photography class and visit my besty. next month i get to have not 1 but 2 baby showers! it's a bit early (26/28 weeks) but i don't really want to wait much longer to fly back home, as it is just so uncomfortable to be super pregnant and flying.  i can't tell you how excited i am- mainly just to celebrate with so many people that have prayed and cared for us over the last 1.5 years. 

anyway- one little thing to pray for- they have seen mild amounts of urine in the baby's kidneys. most of the time it is just due to the tubing to let the urine out gets looped/kinked while the boy parts are growing out. but of course they have to tell you all the other things it could be (which of course scare us). i had to laugh that when they give you stats on the fact you are low risk for something to bad happen- like 1 out of 35,000 which sounds like good odds- but we have been that 1 in 60,000 with Sophia. so odds aren't always comforting in our situation. we are trying to not worry about it- as Dr A says we shouldn't. so prayers would be appreciated that it goes away and doesn't indicate anything bigger going on. 

thank you for still reading and caring about our story as it continues on.

-mama t