Friday, July 4, 2014

baby dinkel #3

we have been so blessed to have the opportunity to have another sweet baby join our family this coming november!

it has been a great pregnancy so far, not too sick and not as painful as Blake's pregnancy.

we found out this week that our new baby will be another…. GIRL.

As soon as they told us girl, I broke down in tears. happy tears. but ugly, couldn't stop crying tears.  i have waited 3 years to bring home a girl to raise. i don't think i fully realized how much it would mean to me to have another girl, but it really has been the final part of my healing that I was waiting for. 

when we found out Sophia was a girl, we were both so excited. but when we didn't get to bring her home, our hearts were so very broken. what little baby girl stuff i had gotten has been boxed up since then. waiting for the chance to use it someday...and that time has come.

my heart was filled with so much joy and yet pain during this ultrasound. pain that i should have a little girl at home all ready but I don't. that fear that last time we were told girl, then within minutes we were told the worse news of our lives. but this time… we heard girl… and then how incredibly perfect she looks. oh the joy. incredible joy.  answered prayers.

i am ready to dive in to pink and bows and all that fun that i hoped would fill our home and hearts 3 years ago when we had our first daughter. i know we have a long way to go (20 more weeks), but i can tell you i will enjoy the wait. pulling out what we had bought for sophia, in hopes that she would be one of those miracle babies. i will enjoy thinking about Sophia and wondering what traits her sister will have of hers.  just as we looked forward to with Blake, I can't wait to tell this little girl all about her big sister that came before her. 

i'll be praying for a healthy rest of the pregnancy for the both of us. and finding joy in all things girl for awhile… again. :)

a happy mommy- t