Saturday, April 13, 2013

april update

well. it has been a busy spring in the dinkel house.

lots of traveling (mainly Blake and I) and events and more events. blake is an awesome traveler (in general) and so that makes it really helpful. plus the kid gets loved on wherever we go- so that can't suck.

he is the best. i think back to the first 8-12 weeks. man those were rough. i was so worried he was going to be a really rough baby. which was something i was totally willing to deal with, having been through what we have... but still. i was terrified we would have a grouchy difficult baby. we couldn't have been more wrong. this kid is happy, and wonderful. i wouldn't say he is a chill happy baby, as he is pretty busy and active. but he has the best personality. smiles at everyone (with 2 hilarious teeth) and will tolerate a super busy day with minimal fussing. i can't say how lucky we are. i can't help just laughing at him. particularly tonight when he peed on me then smiled and blew a raspberry at me. stinker. he seriously gets more fun each month.

blakes new things-  shaking his head no, fart noises, pulling up on things, rocking on his knees, eating food like a champ FINALLY!.

well besides all this. we are doing well. working. living. loving.

we go to the dominican republic soon to see my sister get married which will be awesome. i promise some awesome baby booty pics in the sand. because well those are classic... and adorable. we are so lucky to be able to take this trip and vacation with our whole family.  our last trip was after sophia was born. this will be so different. i remember being so angry on the plane that we had crying babies by us- and why do babies have to be everywhere after you lose yours? this trip WE will be that family... and instead of a trip full of grief, it will be a trip of joy and celebration. it is amazing what 2 years can do. a very loooong 2 years. one of pain growth and joy. i can tell you i will enjoy me a margarita or 2- that hasn't changed. I may appreciate it in a different way this trip than i did the last trip, but it will be just as tasty.

off to clean up the mess my child made while playing...

mama t