Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another update

Well Blake is out of the NICU. The doctors think the only problem was the inflammation from the suctioning and it's been improving with the nose drops. He's not grunting as much and he's breathing really well. So they moved us back to our regular room and they're just going to keep us for one more night and then hopefully we get to take him tomorrow! Thanks for the prayers. 

Prayer Request

Hello again. This is A.J. So Blake is doing well today. Yesterday when he arrived in this world he started to breathe a little too early and inhaled a bunch of nasty fluid so he had to be suctioned a little more than normal through his nose and mouth. One of the side effects of that suctioning is inflammation in the nasal airways. Since his are so tiny to begin with he didn't have much room left to breath through his nose and was having some trouble breathing yesterday so he was admitted to the NICU yesterday afternoon. They did some tests and x-rays and didn't find anything else wrong which is a relief so they're pretty sure it's just the inflammation so he's been getting some nose drops to help with that and he is doing much better today. He was grunting and snoring like a little piggy all day yesterday (which was kind of cute and funny even though it was because he couldn't breathe too well) and today the grunting and snoring is drastically reduced. He's feeding well and looks handsome as ever. We're hoping today that they will discharge him from the NICU which it sounds like they will and that we get to take our little guy home with us today. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Tristen is doing well, tired as all new mother's are but taking excellent care of Blake and just being an all around outstanding mom. I'm tired too but otherwise doing great. The staff here at Swedish has been outstanding and all the nurses and docs are doing they're best to make sure we're taken care of. We've received a ton of support from our friends and family and we can't say thank you enough to all of those who have been by our side through everything. We are truly blessed. More posts to follow. Right now I have to go find the manual for this baby and look up the chapter on diaper changing.....I think the pamphlets are in the lobby. God bless.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blake is here!

Blake Dinkel was born at 6:58 this morning and doing well. Tristen is also healthy and doing well. We'll add pictures and other info shortly.

We're at the hospital!

So this is A.J., as you can probably tell by the proper punctuation and capitalization; but I digress. We're at the hospital. Tristen is 3-4cm dilated and I don't know how much effaced. She just got the epidural and is much more comfortable. Very soon we should get to meet our little guy in person. We'll keep you posted. Prayers are welcome and appreciated.

Monday, August 6, 2012

good results

so for real a quick update.

test results looked pretty good. still have protein in my urine but they aren't concerned. so neither am i. yay for no inducing!

so now we wait. i am due next week! wow.

i have been having alot more contractions.... so we shall see how the week goes.

please keep my mom in your prayers- she is having her gallbladder out tomorrow (poor girl has been feeling terrible this past week). hoping for a speedy recovery and that this babe stays in a few more days so she can make her way out here when i am in labor.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

quick update

well this little boy is still cooking.

last week i started having some headaches, swelling and nausea.  so i came to work and dipped my urine and got some protein and had an elevated blood pressure for me... which for other people is still a normal reading, but still abnormal for me. called the dr office and they had me come in. labs showed high protein in my urine too. told me to drink up and come in the next day- hoping i was dehydrated. then on friday got more labs done- they called saying i was pre-eclamptic and to come back in for an ultrasound and non-stress test for the baby.

at that point we are freaking out- not feeling ready to have a baby yet- although i was going on 37 weeks and he would be fine... we just aren't fully unpacked and prepared on our end. ha. the ultrasound showed the little guy is growing just fine- all ready 6 lbs 12 oz... but the dr i saw wasn't concerned like the nurse practiioners were. told me to take tylenol and drink up.

monday appt- i had gained 3lbs of fluid since thursday (have drank gallons of water by this point) but seem to be retaining more of it now. so they are having me collect 24 hours of urine for a more accurate protien count and redo some labs since i had some abnormally shaped blood cells that indicate pre-eclampsia. i turned all that in today and drew labs.  so we shall see what they say.

if i am pre-eclamptic we will just induce and bring the little guy on early- though at this point i'm not early... almost 38 weeks. i am bummed to have to induce but all i care about is a heatlhy baby and keeping myself healthy too.

holy cow! it is august- i will have a baby this month! that is what keeps running through my mind, whether we induce or not a baby is coming soon. we spent this weekend and beginning of the week getting things semi finished. our tiny little apartment is ready for the little guy.

part of me is getting a little anxious- waiting is hard as i am starting to worry a little that something will go wrong. that i will have gone through 2 pregnancies and again not end up with a baby. i know it is normal to be worried- but it is annoying. i hate having those thoughts cross my mind. when they do i try to stop and just say- God you have this. this baby is yours no matter what. please allow us the chance to raise this baby and love on him.  so far i am doing okay.

it's getting more real and i think aj and i are both realizing that we may actually come home with a baby and woah! life is going to change. how am i going to be a mommy and wife? how will i give my hubby the attention he deserves and wants along with caring for a baby as well? all things that people figure out and i know i will... well we will. i can't wait for it. my heart longs to hold another one of my babies- last time was not nearly long enough. i'm sure it is going to be emotional and bring back memories of holding our sweet girl (although he is going to seem ginormous compared to her). i just feel so happy and blessed to get to do this again. i long for hearing those sweet crys that i didn't get to hear last time. a baby gasping for air as his parents cry tears of joy. i can't wait to tell him all about her.

speaking of our girl- we did the String Of Pearls run/walk this past weekend in her memory again. well we just helped at the event this year since we didn't have much of a team and i couldn't partake in a hot walk. once i get the pic off my camera i will put it on here- i love that each year we will be able to document our family at the event and how it grows. this year was easier than last- our hearts weren't so fresh with pain. it's fun to wear our rose pins and be proud parents of such a special girl and life.

anyway- that is my lunch break (we don't have internet at our apt) guess it wasn't such a quick update. ha. oops.

soon to be holding a baby in my arms- t